Wu Yifan collaborated with Kimura Kumi, and released a new song Two Three on his birthday

Wu Yifan collaborated with Kimura Kumi, and released a new song “Two Three” on his birthday
On November 6, Wu Yifan’s “Two Three” Autumn Day Enjoyment was held in Beijing.Wu Yifan said at the scene that this new song “Two Three” is a new attempt to combine ancient style and rap after “Large Bowl Wide Noodle”.”When the sample was done at the time, the song was archived and called Ersan.Later, I felt that the name was very consistent with the artistic conception of the music. After careful consideration, I decided to name it.”The picture comes from the microblog of Wu Yifan’s studio.At the press conference scene, Kiki Kimura, the female lead of “Two Three” MV-Takuya Kimura, also appeared in surprise.Wu Yifan said that the first time the two of them collaborated on the shooting process was very pleasant, but because the shooting time is very tight, it is very challenging for the two to enter the state quickly.Kimura Kumi discovered that since he played a blind person in the MV, this requires private preparation.On the day of the music festival, Wu Yifan’s 29th birthday coincided. With the blessing of music fans, the record company Universal Music gave Wu Yifan a cake to celebrate his birthday.In the live interactive communication, facing the question of “what dishes must be ordered when eating hot pot” in Chengdu fans, Wu Yifan also answered with a smile: “Beef, lamb, bamboo shoots, winter melon, crab sticks, lunch meat . a lot.”” Sauna, Ye Chang Yang Chang editor Xu Meilin proofreading Guo Li